About Us

Our Story:


The Denise Marie Flaherty Memorial Foundation is a 501c3 foundation that started out as a grassroots effort in 2003 by Brian Flaherty as a way to pay back, and really pay forward, the support the Flaherty’s had received from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). 

Not only for prolonging Denise’s life but also for forgiving a large amount of outstanding bills at the time of her passing. In 2003 Mr. Flaherty started out raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation via pledges for the annual 100 Mile Ride for the Roses in Austin Texas. 

It was at the awards dinner that the idea of the golf outing came about.  Then in 2004 the 1st Annual Golf & Dinner Auction was started with MSKCC named as the beneficiary and the dream of paying back MSKCC began. 

Each year the event grew in size, quality, and ultimately revenue, so in 2010 when the idea was born to split the proceeds between MSKCC and a family struggling with the financial burden of battling cancer we were financially able to make even more of a positive difference.  Our first year beneficiary, Kathy Donovan received over $7000 to help keep her in her home for the last year of her life and we still had $7000 to help MSKCC.

All of these ideas, and actions, helped pave the way for the taking the plunge on January 28th 2013 to set up a 501c3.  Today the Denise M. Flaherty Mem. Foundation stands with many families in the fight and supports research facilities in both New Jersey and North Carolina, with plans to do so nationwide.  We continue to look for ways to add to our service for those in the fight. 

If you are reading this you have taken the time to join our ranks and for that we thank you. Our goal is to provide funds to innovative cancer research facilities like MSKCC who will continue the mission of providing Cutting Edge Cancer Care, but also to support family’s dealing with the financial burden of fighting this disease!  Family’s just like the Flaherty’s all those years ago.

We believe no one should have to worry about the mortgage when they are in the fight of their lives.  By creating our foundation we are expanding what we do, and who we help.  Our Flagship event, The Annual Denise M. Flaherty Mem. Golf Outing has given way to the Denise M Flaherty Mem Foundation Golf & Dinner Auction, an event that has turned into a storied celebration of all our loved ones who are in the battle with or whom we have lost to Cancer!!  In 2014 we established two annual 5K events, and another NC golf outing so that several times a year we can celebrate their courage and raise money in their honor! That money will forever be a “pay it forward gift” that goes towards finding a cure, and countless families in the fight. 

Thank You:

From the son of Denise Marie Flaherty, and on behalf of all those who benefit from your generosity, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your visiting our page, and for your past and future support. I promise to never take it for granted and to work harder every year to make the most of your support for those in need.


Brian A. Flaherty –

President & Founder

Denise M. Flaherty Mem. Foundation Inc.

Who We Support:

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – New York, NY
Alamance Regional Medical Center – Burlington, NC

Select families who have been affected by Cancer.

a.       To Sponsor a family please email brian@deniseflahertyfoundation.org

b.      We will need you to have the family’s permission, as well as:

1.       Name and Contact Information for the Cancer Fighter

2.       Story of their battle and details of their financial struggle, including job status, home status, balance of bills, debt, etc.

3.       Families must be willing to be mentioned publicly on our media pages and at our events.

Mission Statement:

“The Fight Continues” We pick up the fight where your loved ones left off, it is their honor that we fight!  Our Mission is to ensure that while you are fighting for your life and your wellness you won’t have to worry about paying your bills.